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Four Seasons Spring Oolong - 50 grams

09T - 50
Four Seasons Spring High Mountain Oolong Tea - 50 grams (1.8oz)

Four Seasons Spring Oolong comes from a small plantation located at 400 meters altitude on Eight Trigrams Mountain near the town of Chang Hua in central Taiwan.

To produce this intensely floral varietal, the tea plants are left untouched for three years prior to harvest to assimilate additional essential elements from the ground. Each leaf is hand picked, and after brief oxidation to fully develop its unique flowery flavor, the leaves are curled into tightly rolled pellets then gently fired to perfection to preserve their fragrance.

When steeped in an unglazed pot or a lidded Gaiwan cup, this tea releases a marvelous floral bouquet known as Bai Hwa Hsiang, “Myriad Flower Fragrance,” with hints of gardenia, jasmine, and frangipani. This is a lightly oxidized Oolong in the “Clear Fragrant” category that unfolds subtle layers of flavor with each infusion.

Organically grown.

50 grams (1.8oz) vacuum sealed packaging inside a small decorative box.

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