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Taiwan Tea Tray - Type 2

Taiwan artisan hand-crafted bamboo wooden tea tray / tea box for preparing High Mountain Oolong Tea
Tea Tray No.2

Elegantl, stylish designed, Taiwanese hand-crafted bamboo tea tray especially designed for preparing High Mountain Oolong.

Includes slotted surface for pouring, a rack for tea cups, and the ideogram cha ("tea") carved into the tray on left side.

This is truly a beautiful piece of functional art!

This tray has an advanced drain outlet for run-off tea water (can be connected to a rubber hose to run off to waste container) but the drain outlet may also be closed to turn it into a box-style tray.

A very high quality tray for the discerning tea connoisseur.

Length: 19.1"/48.5cm 
Width: 12.8"/32.5cm 
Height: 3.2"/8cm

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