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Sun Moon Lake Certified Organic Black Tea (Hung Cha) - 50 grams

Sun Moon Lake Certified Organic Black Tea (Hung Cha)

     Red tea (known as “black tea” in the West) is the most popular tea in the world.  The red tea grown in Taiwan is a special variety grown near scenic Sun Moon Lake in the central highlands.  A hybrid developed in Taiwan by combining native mountain tea with high-grade Assam, it’s known in Taiwan’s tea world as “Red Jade.”

     This is surely one of the best tasting red teas in the world.  It has a distinctly sweet fruity flavor that requires no sugar, cream, or any other additives to enjoy.  Depending on the season it’s picked, this fully oxidized tea releases shifting degrees of cinnamon, mint, and tropical fruit flavors .

     Our red tea is grown at altitudes of 400-500 meters at a plantation established by a distinguished scholar with a passion for tea.  His red tea has won three consecutive gold ribbons at tea fairs in Europe in recent years.  The particular variety that we offer comes from his best fields with the most stringent quality control standards, and the supply is limited to small, handpicked harvests.

     Organically grown without the use of chemicals, it has a distinctive sweet taste that varies from season to season and withstands multiple infusions without fading.

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