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Bao Jung Cha Certified Organic - 200 grams

Taiwan Oolong Tea - Bao Jung Cha Certified Organic - 200 grams

Spring Harvest.

Bao Jung varietal of Taiwan High Mountain Oolong from the renowned plantations of Wen Shan Mountain. 

"Bao jung" means "paper wrapped variety", this lightly oxidized oolong was first developed about 150 years ago in the famous Wu Yi Mountain area in Fujian, China. 

Only young tender leaves are picked for this delicate varietal & therefore this tea is fired, finished, and packed in loose leaf form, like Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao)

In order to prevent the subtle aromas of this new varietal from dissipating when the cream of the crop was shipped to Peking as a "tribute tea" (gung cha) for the emperor & his court, it was carefully wrapped in double layers of thick paper and formed into small square packets for storage. 

Today, Bao Jung’s delicate flavor is protected in vacuum sealed packets like our other oolong varietals, so it's no longer "paper wrapped" although it still carries the original name. 

200 gram (7.1 oz) vacuum sealed package and beautiful high quality canister (which can be used as a caddy) 

Certified Organic (SGS)

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I just received my order and am drinking the 1st
pot of Bao Jung - - absolutely delightful.

I'm anxious to try the "Four Seasons".

Looking forward to being a loyal customer!

K - Boulder, Colorado, USA

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