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Premium Taiwan Teapot 014

Premium Taiwan Teapot 014
Teapot 014

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Medium-small hand-crafted zisha "purple-sand" clay teapot. Purple sand produces an especially beautiful "patina" (natural deep lustre/sheen) when polished well with a cloth after each use (see more on this below)

Very rare and unique. Similar to the majority of our premium selection pots, this is a very limited release.

Medium-small size. Ideal for 1-3 people, used together with a second teapot or tea pitcher (jug).

Dimensions and Capacity
Length: 4.5"/11.5cm 
Width: 3.3"/8.5cm 
Height: 3.1"/8cm 
Capacity: 5.1oz/150ml

Fashioned by a master Taiwanese teapot craftsperson with 100% chemical free clay, just like all our pots, and especially those in our premium selection range.

This item in particular has extremely limited stock, only one left!

Secure this beautiful "functional work of art" before someone else does.

As is the case with master artisans of all trades, the creator of this teapot has invested tens of thousands of hours developing their unique and rare talents, resulting in such exquisite and highly prized teapots as this one, which we can confidently guarantee you will treasure for many, many years and beyond.

Truly a piece of superior "functional art", both aesthetically and practically speaking. This pot and other Premium Selection Teapots  are designed not only to look at and display with pride, but also to actually use on a daily basis, but only with top grade high mountain Oolong (see below). And what's more, being so rare, such pots are highly prized by collectors as well as tea connoiseurs, so the value will only increase with time, as is the case with all of our Premium Selection of Taiwan Teapots.

Like all our teapots, but especially those in our premium selection range, this pot and others like it will be sure to bring you much happiness and joy, especially the more quality Oolong you infuse in it and the more you take care of it! (see below)

The following applies to all our tea pots, not only our Premium Selection:

Our pots are made from only the highest quality pure clay, sourced in Taiwan, and will only increase in value, both financially and more importantly in value to you as a "special friend" as you grow your relationship together over many tea sessions well into the future.

Here's something fascinating: the more you use your pot, the more you will enjoy your tea, especially if you consistently and only use high quality Oolong. This is because the abundance of natural tea oil found in quality Oolong is absorbed into the clay and imbibes a certain quality to the pot's surface which builds up over time. The result? A significant and noticeable improvement in the taste and flavour of your tea! And perhaps now you can begin to understand why you should NEVER buy cheap inferior mainland Chinese tea pots which are almost always laden with heavy metals and other chemicals.

Furthermore, you will find yourself becoming quite attached to a special pot such as this. Strangely, it will start to feel like an old friend, and you will naturally discover the personal enjoyment and almost meditative experience each time you use it. Not to mention you will want to buy at least one or two companion pots or a tea pitcher (jug) for proper tea preparation. And if you don't have one already, you will surely find yourself completing your "tea set" with a quality box-style or other type of quality tea tray, some premium tea cups as well as a set of tea tools, so you can really make the most of your High Mountain Oolong sessions!

Especially recommended: invest a little time every now and then to gently polish your pot with a microfibre cloth. Over time, this will bring out a highly prized "patina" on the pot's surface (a beautiful deep lustre that slowly develops into a richly rewarding natural glow the more you polish and care for your pot). This is due to the natural oolong tea oils that absorb into the clay. The more you take care of your pot and polish it regularly, as well as the higher the quality of tea that you use, the more the natural patina will exhibit its beautiful aesthetic quality.

Not ready to invest in a premium teapot just yet?

If you're perhaps not ready to secure your very own premium teapot, you may wish to consider a pot or two from our affordable quality range, which are all still very good quality and perfectly acceptable for high mountain Oolong.

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