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Ding Hu High Mountain Oolong, Primordial Flavor 150 grams

Ding Hu High Mountain Oolong,  Primordial Flavor  150 grams

     This extremely rare tea is grown at the high altitudes on Mount Ali, Taiwan’s premium tea growing region. Picked only in small quantities once a year from wild tea trees growing on indigenous tribal land in the cold mountain mist of Taiwan’s highest tea cultivation region, the supply is very limited and sometimes unavailable due to restricted harvests, scarcity of wild trees, and annual losses of leaf to frost.

     After brief oxidation, the tea leaves are allowed to dry naturally in the high mountain air, without the use of heat in ovens, and hand-rolled into pellets.  This preserves the original natural taste of High Mountain Oolong as grown in the wild and leaves the “essence of sunshine, earth, and mountain mist” playing on the tea drinker’s palate.  This is High Mountain Oolong at its primordial best.

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