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Wildcrafted Organic Oolong ‘Red’ (Black) Ginger Tea 30 Sachets

Wildcrafted Organic Oolong  ‘Red’ (Black) Ginger Tea  30 Sachets

Organic Wildcrafted High Mountain Oolong ‘Red’ (Black) Tea with Organic Wild Ginger Root.

Individually sealed sachets (premium tea bags)

Produced at a small family plantation in Taiwan, with only the best grade organic ingredients and uses the same fully oxidized Wild Harvest Red (Black) Oolong harvested from wild trees on the plantation with added organic wild ginger that also grows there. 

The taste of this tea plays a symphony of harmonious flavor in your mouth and throat. There’s the rich fruity flavor of the Wildcrafted Red Oolong (what’s called “black tea” in the western world) with the sharp, warm, earthy tang of ginger root.  The combination of the two contrasting flavors produces a unique taste that is rare and exquisite.

This is a great tea to drink when you want to warm up your body on a cold winter day, or during the damp chill of rainy weather. Ginger warms the belly swiftly the moment it hits the stomach, and this warmth radiates throughout the whole body as the tea is absorbed into the bloodstream and circulates. Ginger is also well known for its benefits to digestion, so this tea is an excellent digestive after a heavy meal that’s rich in meat and fat. 

This tea an excellent tonic to drink when you have a cold or the flu. 

30 individually sealed sachets (premium tea bags) 

$45.00 USD

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