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GABA Oolong Tea Organic Tea Sachets (Premium Tea Bags)

Organic Gaba Oolong Tea Bags/Sachets from Taiwan. Premium Quality.

Spring Harvest Premium Taiwan Oolong based GABA Tea, in a convenient "sachet" (premium tea bag) form.

GABA Tea is produced by a special fermentation process that causes the synthesis of large concentrations of natural GABA, which is released when the tea is steeped and is rapidly assimilated into the bloodstream through the stomach.

GABA is one of the most effective natural remedies for a wide-range of health issues and in particulour nervous system conditions caused by the deficiency of natural GABA in the brain.

These include insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension, and related conditions.

A natural, organic, healthy and great tasting anti-depressant, anti-anxiety "medicine" in a cup of great tasting Oolong tea! 

Certified Organic

Each package contains 20 sachets (premium tea bags) which can be re-brewed up to 4-5 times each!

Also available in loose leaf form - GABA Organic Oolong Loose Leaf

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