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Da Yu Peak Winter Leaf Oolong Tea - Cert Organic - 75 grams

Da Yu Peak Super Premium Taiwan Oolong - Certified Organic Oolong Tea - 75 grams
043DAY - 75


Da Yu Peak stands in the highest range of Taiwan’s central mountains, and there in the steeply terraced tea fields below the cliffsides grows this special winter harvest Oolong.  Only the young leaves and tender buds are picked for this unique Oolong tea, a cultivar developed in Taiwan for growing in the coldest high mountain regions. 

Oolong Tea grown in these cold cliffside conditions is known as “winter leaf” and has a distinctive “cold-energy” taste that many Oolong connoisseurs in Taiwan savor.  Due to the harsh growing conditions, the tea leaves develop a protective layer of tea oils that contribute to its unique taste and allow it to withstand multiple infusions without losing flavor.

75 grams (2.7 oz) vacuum sealed package.

This is a limited release. Limited stock.

Certified Organic

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