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Pear Mountain (Li Shan) Oolong - Cert Organic - 75 grams

Pear Mountain Li Shan Premium Loose Leaf Taiwan Certified Organic Oolong 75 grams
040PEA - 75

The legendary High Mountain Oolong Tea from Li Shan ("Pear Mountain") located in the central highlands of Taiwan, with plantations ranging to altitudes of 2,500 meters. 

Prized for its fresh floral fragrance and smooth sweet flavor, Li Shan tea delivers its taste without a trace of bitterness in the mouth. Unusually aromatic, it renders a beautiful jade-green color in the cup.

75 grams (2.7 oz) certified organic vacuum sealed package in a beautiful metal canister, which we can be re-used as a tea storage "caddy" in the future.

Spring Harvest.


The Li-Shan tea growing area. Water is super pure, sourced from the mountain.



The plantation.

We have to go across the suspension bridge to get there!

Along with the water, the air here is very pure.


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